Favourite Things About Autumn

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Autumn is by far my favourite season, its the time of having Lush baths, candles, books and hot chocolates with the log fire going. I don’t think that there is anything I prefer better than snuggling on the sofa under a blanket with a cup of tea or hot chocolate watching a film or reading a book (my autumn book list will be up soon as well!!)

One of my personal favourites is going for walks or cycle rides through the woods, where the leaves are starting to fall and it just smells so fresh. Nothing beats some of the views you’ll spot or having some coffee and cake after a nice walk or cycle.

My second thing is all the autumn scented things that come out (body shop vanilla pumpkin body wash & moisturiser is my life right now). Theres never a more perfect time to light some candles and smother yourself in scented moisturisers before getting into some fluffy pyjamas.

The third thing is how fresh the mornings are. This is normally something a lot of people hate but I love the colder weather and how refreshing it is to walk through in the morning, it really wakes you up I feel. Also makes you appreciate the warmth of the bus when you finally get on it!

Getting to layer clothing. Jumpers and leggings with fluffy socks and hoodies just so many ways to layer clothes and its the perfect weather for wearing both a hoody and a leather jacket! And don’t forget getting to wear hats finally and gloves and scarves!

Reading a book after a bath. Nothing beats reading a good book after a nice bath, especially if you reading via fairy lights draped in your room all snuggled under a thick duvet and blanket.

Thunderstorms. I’m a total sucker for thunderstorms, if its raining then you can guarantee Im wrapped in a blanket and hoody reading in the conservatory where I can hear the rain hitting the roof. Its also the perfect time to put some logs on the fire and cosy the place up!

Whats your favourite things about autumn?

Photos are mine.

What I Learnt: First Week at Uni

So university is a huge step for most people, and in all honestly I am still shocked I even got a place at my university. Having now completed my first week at medical university studying Physiotherapy, I thought I’d share what I learnt this first week.

  1. You don’t want to be that person who makes a tit of themselves at freshers. Every year has that one person who always gets completely obliterated and has to be carried back to halls by other students and safely tucked away after throwing up. I honestly thought there was nothing wrong with doing this to an extent, we’re freshers, getting drunk is the key thing, however I learnt from a second year, this isn’t the case.
  2. The teachers are expecting you to get obliterated during freshers. I can’t say this for every university, but at mine our lecturers encourage us to go drink (probably in the hopes we get sick of it and stop it for the rest of the term). We’re based in a hospital with the Student Union bar based in the hospital as well (its locked off in the university part don’t worry) however we are often reminded that we may be walking past future employers when drunk and trying to get home, so to try and be subtle. My uni also has plenty of mesures in place to keep us safe, namely¬†The Drunk Club which is room of benches and bins, people in pink shirts who are there to keep up safe and pick us up off the floor, and also to ring the student watch over at halls who are tasked to get those who are totally smashed, safely into bed.
  3. Everybody is as nervous as you. When I went to my first freshers meet and greet at halls, I knew no one. But with in a few minutes I had met two other physio students who then introduced me to another physio student. My friend Ellie also managed to help up make friends with other students by literally walking up to them and asking if we can join (ballsy I know, I wouldn’t have done it!!). It worked and we made some friends we hung out with that night and still see around uni and chat to.
  4. You wont remember everybody’s names. I’m a week in and still asking people their names. You will learn them all but it takes time, their not going to be offended if you ask them what their name is again. Chances are they’ve probably forgotten yours as well!!
  5. Go to the freshers events. Not all of them, but most. I haven’t been to all the freshers events due to either not being interested in one or two of them or because I was so tired I had to have a nap. However it is worth going to a few because they are good social settings to meet people and I have met a lot of people through fresher events.
  6. You wont get pressured into drinking. There is this big thing that its uncool to not drink when out with mates. Nobody cares. If you don’t want a shot its not the end of the world. I went on half a pub crawl and had one bottle of WKD, no one honestly cared. I didn’t have to explain about my medical or anything they just said, are you sure? And that was that.

Considering its only been a week, I haven’t learnt a lot, but I thought I’d list a few that most people tend to worry about a lot. Hope you enjoyed it and please leave me comments on other blog post ideas you’d like me to do!


20 Facts About Me

Since I am planning on filming a YouTube video on this as well, I thought I’d do a blog post on it at the same time!

  1. I live in London/Surrey in England
  2. I’m 20 years old & my birthdays in May
  3. I don’t have any siblings
  4. My boyfriend & I have been going out for nearly two years
  5. I’m studying BSc Hons in Physiotherapy at one of the top medical schools in England & hope to either specialise in either respiratory or rehabilitation after transplants and illnesses
  6. I really want to get guinea pigs and also rescue another dog
  7. I have a brown belt in karate & have been doing it since I was six
  8. I’m learning how to speak Italian
  9. I have a few medical conditions such as a heart defect called Mitral Valve Regurgitation (leaky valve), Asthma, IBS & an autoimmune kidney disease called idiopathic membranous nephropathy
  10. Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons, I love nothing more than watching a film when it rains all cosy inside
  11. As well as karate I cycle competitively and horse ride
  12. I have seven piercings (two lobes, double helix, rook, belly & conch) but no tattoos, although I am planning on getting one soon
  13. I grew up as a carer for my mum who had a stroke after I was born as well as having ushers syndrome amongst others
  14. I met my boyfriend through work although we didn’t start going out until a year later
  15. I love reading. I can sit and read a book for hours on end
  16. I drink tea way too much
  17. I’m very thick skinned and it takes a lot to upset me
  18. I studied photography for A-level and HND (higher national diploma)
  19. I love make up and fashion and I’m forever talking myself out of buying things
  20. Although I can be impulsive I like to plan certain things in advance and can get rather agitated when things don’t go as planned

So these are 20 facts about me! The YouTube video of it will be up soon!

LCCA Round 3 – HHV

Myself and my boyfriend both ride bikes. We also both do cyclocross. I’m taking a season out and only riding for fun to get fitness back after a year of not really riding much at all. ¬†Yesterday was the third round of the LCCA, and after missing last weeks due to my boyfriend moving house, he was pretty stoked to ride this week. I was also planning on riding until I came down with a bug, I decided it best to get over the bug before racing again. This round was held at Herne Hill Velodrome. The best bit is not many people know theres a velodrome near my area so when I tell people who are non-riders their a bit like ‘oh, didn’t know that was there’.

My boyfriends a pretty quick rider and has been doing this for a few years now, however he lacks self-confidence sometimes and psychs himself out sometimes, so my aim for this year is to help him realise how good he actually is and help him reach his full potential. He started this race really strong in 2nd place and I honestly thought he’d have it in the bag because he has a lot of stamina and can hold places through out a race and rarely drops down places unless crashing. Thats exactly what happened. He crashed on a techy piece that was slipper than expected. It was a tough terrain with the top layer being slippy and then it being hard packed mud underneath, needing mud tyre but high pressure. Wilf held himself around 10th for the whole race & built a big enough gap between him and the rider behind him. Although a bit bummed he crashed, he’s still chuffed with where he came and is looking forward to his next round.

About My YouTube Channel

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If you didn’t already know, I have a YouTube channel. I’ve been trying to start one up for a few years now and I’d start it then not keep up with it because of time and lacking video ideas. However I recently downsized my camera to a Canon G7x (which I love) and re-started my YouTube channel. My aim is weekly vlogs because that’ll be easier to work around my university but still have videos that are tutorials, hauls and so on. I think having a more laid back channel will be so much easier to work around my schedule and as I’m not working anymore I’ll have time on a weekend to edit or film if I need too.

The channels been up for about a month now and I have managed to keep uploading at least one video a week (which is my aim) and I have been really enjoying it. Having spent four years studying photography I didn’t want to completely forget my creative side, however I just don’t have the buzz to take photos anymore, I seem to have more of a buzz to film videos and write blog posts which I am enjoying so much more. So check out my YouTube channel and subscribe if you’d like. Its not perfect and there is room for improvement, but I have just started and improvement will come as I do it more often.

Heres a link to my YouTube Channel if you’d like to look!