Snowboarding in Italy

I recently got back from snowboarding with my boyfriend and some friends (literally got home about three hours ago) and so thought I’d write a post about it. It was my first time snowboarding and I have to admit, I loved every minute of it and even made it onto the red runs on my first day. We travelled to Chiavenna in Italy, its a small town in a valley which is the most picturesque place I have honestly ever been.

It was a long day travelling, leaving at four in the morning to get the flight then two trains from Milan taking just over two hours. Thankfully my boyfriends family friend who lives out there picked us up from the train station so we didn’t have to drag our bags up the mountain to their house (its a very steep trek uphill to their house) and also managed to squeeze in a food shop at the same time. My boyfriend and his friends have been before but this was my first time going to snowboard, so they introduced me to their tradition of kebab pizzas on the first night. I’m not technically supposed to eat either kebab or pizzas because my stomach cant cope with digesting that much fatty food, so I opted for a basic salami pizza whist the others ordered kebab pizza. I had a slice of my boyfriends and it was honestly so good, its worth a try!!

We went up the mountain and hired our snowboards from a local sports shop in Madesimo before starting our first day boarding. It was fairly snowy with heavy snowfall whilst we were boarding so we started on the bunny slope to get to grips with it before going onto a tougher run. The snow and wind was fairly heavy so you couldnt see very far in front of you which I wasn’t a huge fan off. It made me kinda disorientated so when I thought I was going downwards, I was actually going pretty much side ways and always ended up falling over. It did clear up a few days after so I ventured onto some tougher slopes and even mastered getting off the lifts (one of the guys keeping an eye on the ski lift actually started standing to the side of the chair I was getting off on so he could help steady me and guide me off. I still managed to fall). There were two particular runs that I really liked because they were fast and flowing, and once you have some music playing on your headphones, its honestly the best thing ever! I also fell a few times because I got a bit too into my music rather than focusing on staying upright on my board.

The scenery was stunning, having only seen it in the summer, it was amazing to see it in the winter as well, so was amazed at how beautiful it looked covered in snow, like my photos seriously don’t do it any justice. The last few days it got a bit warmer so the slopes turned to ice, so we stayed in Chiavenna and had a relaxed day before going out in the night then go karting on the Saturday. Before go karting we went up to his family friends house (we stayed in their summer house) and had a bbq outside in their garden. They have a stone bbq and their amazing cooks so their ‘bit of lunch’ is usually a buffet. The sun came out and it was pretty warm and it was such a nice atmosphere, listening to music, joking and eating some amazing food with a stunning view. Needless to say I didn’t want to leave and I’m planning on going back in the summer hopefully.

This is a total recommended place for a nice holiday and you should definitely check it out!

Kingston Day Out

With yesterday being my last Thursday before I go back to college and won’t be able to spend them with my boyfriend for a while, we decided to make a day of it and venture out to Kingston. Although the main reason we chose Kingston was because I had an old Bentalls voucher that needed spending so what better opportunity to go buy some make up!

We didn’t get into Kingston until about two in the afternoon and upon getting a bit lost in Bentalls (we went up some stairs rather than down) we discovered a Krispy Kreme where we got some doughnuts, before finally finding the MAC & other make up stands. I knew I wanted to get a few more MAC lipsticks and brought myself Captive & Persistence (reviews coming soon dont worry) as well as buying a new foundation which my boyfriend got me which was the Laura Mercier Candleglow Soft Luminous Foundation (review coming on this too).

After dragging my boyfriend around the make up section for ages and detouring into shoes, homeware & handbags, we made it out onto the high street for some lunch. We dont usually go to Kingston unless its for a night out so it was a bit odd everything being open, but it gave us plenty to look at whilst finding some food to eat. We eventually came across a small cafe called Glutopia which turned out to be a gluten free cafe. I have some stomach problems which usually leave me with crippling stomach aches or feeling sick and tired, causing me to sleep a lot. We thought we’d give it a go and in true me style I forgot to take my tablets that I have to take before meals to reduce stomach acid, however the food didn’t affect me as bad as most other foods do. We tried one of their cupcakes, which was covered in icing with a strawberry for some nice decoration. The cake tasted really nice however it was a little bit dry but tasty all the same!

Satisfied with our food and looking around a few more shops, we decided to head back to mine to chill before I had to take my dog to dog training classes. So overall a good day!