Pizza Date

Spending time with my mum is rare and usually spent at hospital appointments. This week we’ve managed to squeeze in a couple mother daughter dates which I’ve really enjoyed. Today she had a hospital appointment so on the way back we stopped off for pizza at Franco Manca. We shared a pizza and some garlic bread and spent the time there enjoying the sun and chatting. We got the chorizo pizza and I have to admit, one of my favourite pizzas so far. I’m going to head back there with my boyfriend for a date night and its not stupidly expensive either, so perfect if you want to go out with friends and not spend a fortune.

Things to do this summer

Summer has fully hit us in England, with heat-waves expected for the next two weeks I thought I’d write out some things to do this summer, either by yourself or with friends and family

  • Go to an outdoor swimming pool: there aren’t many of these in the UK because of obvious reasons, but the ones we do have are decent and some even have a water slide or two. This is a great thing to do with a group of friends, family or even just by yourself to get a bit of down time
  • Go for a hike: there are some stunning places to go hiking and luckily for me I live fairly close to Surrey so getting to a nice walking trail isn’t too hard
  • Sunbathe in the garden or park: one of my favourite things to do is sit in my garden and read a good book (check out The Sunday Lunch Club by Juliet Ashton) and relax in the sun, perfect for getting my pale skin some form of colour
  • Go for a road trip: pile all your friends in your car, designate a DJ and set off somewhere. I like to road trip to the coast, and eat fish and chips on the beach before heading back
  • Picnics: I do this a lot with my friend Sammiie where we raid a Tescos meal deal section, get some ice-lollies and crisps and go sit in a field somewhere
  • Go to a beer garden or bar: nice beer gardens and bars are easy to come across and nothing beats sitting with some friends in the pub chatting


Crazy Golf and Burgers

Date nights are something that tend to cost a fair bit, especially in London, so an easy dinner and cinema date can come to £60 with no real problem. I like to treat my boyfriend when I have the money (student problems, always being skint), and today I got some money from some work I’ve been doing so I took him out for burgers at Blacks Burgers in Epsom and then went on to play Crazy Golf, which much to my boyfriends excitement, was dinosaur themed (he has a thing for whistling the Jurassic Park theme continuously).

The burgers we got were amazing, and having recently got my boyfriend to like milkshakes, he was so excited to get a biscoff milkshake (he also discovered blowing bubbles into it… I promise he’s twenty-four) and he had the most amazing looking burger. I tend to have vegetarian burgers occasionally as I find its good to change it up a bit, so I had their vegetarian burger, and after a discussion on if I should have bacon as a topping, I settled for onions and stole some of my boyfriends coleslaw to put inside it too.

Our next stop was a crazy golf place down the road from us, we had a laugh at how bad we both were, I also nearly lost a ball in the fast flowing water, then at the end, knowing it would be close on who won (we’re a competitive couple…) I said if I won he had to buy me a dinosaur egg that I saw (I mean what twenty year old doesn’t want to hatch their own dinosaur?!). We added up our points, both having done pretty badly…. and I beat him by one point! My dinosaur egg is currently hatching in a vase in the kitchen (we didn’t have anything else we could submerge it in…)



Autumn Tag

Sorry for being absent for so long, my dad canceled our internet and they cut us off three weeks early. So to make up for it, here is an Autumn tag for you all!

1) What signifies the start of autumn to you? 

For me its when the leaves start going that really pretty orange/red colour and it gets that little bit chillier and you can pull out the warm coats and hats.

2) Best way to spend a rainy day?

Either at home watching a film in my pyjamas with some candles lit, or if I’m really in the mood I like going to a coffee shop and sitting inside by a window with a nice mug of tea with a walk once the rains stopped a bit.

3) Your most fond autumn memory?

When my rescue dog first saw leaves on the floor. He was so confused but loved trying to chase the leaves if you threw them in the air!

4) Favourite fall scent?

Anything earthy or like with a hint of spice like spiced apples…

5) What are you most excited for this fall?

Getting to wear hoodies all the time and my new coat (post on my new coat coming soon!)

6) Favourite autumn song?

I don’t really have a favourite autumn song but recently I’ve been loving Noah Cyrus Almost Famous and Ed Sheerans Galway Girl

7) Favourite autumn movie?

Again I don’t really have a favourite autumn movie but I my favourite film has to be phantom of the opera so that is one that’d straight away put on.

8) What TV shows are you looking forward to this fall?

STRANGER THINGS 2! I have already binged it once and I’m about to do it a second time, its actually amazing and about the only show I will fully dedicate time to watching

9) Favourite autumn colour?

Red/Brown colours and also oranges

10) Favourite fall fashion trend?

Oversized hoodies. Its my go to, especially on days where I’m not 100% and feel a bit drained. Its simple but still looks okay.

11) Your most loved outdoor fall activity?

Going for walks. I love going for a good walk with my dad or my boyfriend and just getting to be outside, drinking tea and chatting.

LCCA Round 3 – HHV

Myself and my boyfriend both ride bikes. We also both do cyclocross. I’m taking a season out and only riding for fun to get fitness back after a year of not really riding much at all.  Yesterday was the third round of the LCCA, and after missing last weeks due to my boyfriend moving house, he was pretty stoked to ride this week. I was also planning on riding until I came down with a bug, I decided it best to get over the bug before racing again. This round was held at Herne Hill Velodrome. The best bit is not many people know theres a velodrome near my area so when I tell people who are non-riders their a bit like ‘oh, didn’t know that was there’.

My boyfriends a pretty quick rider and has been doing this for a few years now, however he lacks self-confidence sometimes and psychs himself out sometimes, so my aim for this year is to help him realise how good he actually is and help him reach his full potential. He started this race really strong in 2nd place and I honestly thought he’d have it in the bag because he has a lot of stamina and can hold places through out a race and rarely drops down places unless crashing. Thats exactly what happened. He crashed on a techy piece that was slipper than expected. It was a tough terrain with the top layer being slippy and then it being hard packed mud underneath, needing mud tyre but high pressure. Wilf held himself around 10th for the whole race & built a big enough gap between him and the rider behind him. Although a bit bummed he crashed, he’s still chuffed with where he came and is looking forward to his next round.