Winter Essentials

With winter already hitting hard here with ice everywhere and freezing cold winds, theres a few essentials that everyone should have on them in these colder months.

1. Lip Balm

You’re going to need a lip balm to avoid horrible chapped lips that everyone gets in the winter time, I usually have two, one in my make up bag that I put on every morning & evening, as well as one in my handbag for on the go

2. Dark Lipstick

Lipstick is another must for me and at the moment I am loving matte colours, and I know this isn’t an extremely dark shade but its my favourite at the moment for every day use and its MACs Persistence

3. Thick Scarf

One of the things that keeps me going during the winter is a thick scarf. I personally really like the hoop ones that are a big circle you twist over your head (I’m not explaining this too well) but I find their perfect for burying my face and hands in when its pretty cold

4. Emergency Coffee Money

I try to make sure that there is at least a fiver in my bag at all times for emergency money incase I need food or to get the bus somewhere, but in the winter it turns into emergency coffee money for those times you walk past a coffee shop & just think how good a warm coffee would be right at that moment

5. Thick Winter Coats

Thick winter coats are a must everywhere, however this year I am loving the Duster coats that you can get in pretty much any clothing store. I feel they go so well with pretty much any outfit as well as being able to look casual as well as smart when needed

6. Turtle Neck

I love turtle necks and impulsively buy them whenever I see one, wether its a top, jumper, dress or body suit, I just love them. Their one of my fashion staples because you can match them with anything, skirts, jeans and for those lazy days, leggins. I have a big oversized knitted jumper thats turtle neck and its perfect for cold morning and early starts

7. Dark Nail Varnish

What is winter with out the dark nail varnish? Or even the bright red nail varnish when it gets closer to Christmas? I love how nail varnish can complete a look so I personally stick to black, burgundy, beige, greys and reds in the winter time because they go with pretty much any outfit

Comment below what your winter essentials are!

Urban Decay Illuminated Highlighter

Sorry for not posting for a while, college has been a bit hectic with deadlines as well as preparing for a national grading for karate, but now its almost all sorted, here is a blog post! I’m going to attempt to do blogmas for you all so keep watching this space!

After seeing this on Twitter I wanted to buy it and see what it was like. I wanted to get the Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kit but it costs too much to import to the UK so I thought I would try this one first. It cost me £22 and took about a week to turn up in the post, and having read the reviews on it I was really excited to get it. I love a bit of good highlight and had been using a mix of Sleeks contour palette highlighter and a £4 MUA one. When this one turned up I was so excited to use it and couldn’t wait to do my make up the next morning. However I found the brush it came with didn’t pick up any product and since I don’t have a fan brush I ended up using my finger to apply it. Its also very glittery… to the point that my boyfriends face usually ends up covered in it too when I use it!!

I think despite the glittery side of it, it is a good highlighter, its subtle but I think when caught in the right light it could look really good, I personally prefer less glittery make up especially when it comes to highlighter, although I do think its a good product. You get a lot of product for the price and its very pigmented so it is definitely worth a try.

Things to do by 2017

With only a month and a bit left until 2017, its getting to that time of year where people start thinking of how to better themselves and start christmas shopping. So I since I’m never usually one for doing that (apart from buying xmas presents), I thought I’d make a list of things to do before 2017.

The first thing I want to do is clean out my room. I want to go through all my clothes, shoes, college books, everything and just sort out what I want and what I dont, because I’m reaching the point that I’m seriously running out of room and my floors becoming an extended wardrobe. I then want to sift through all that and give away what I can to charity shops and throw away the rest.

The second thing is I want to sort my eating habits. I have a really bad case of IBS to the point my doctors have me on various medications to try help ease and control it. I’ve been told to follow the FODMAP diet religiously but I haven’t had a chance yet. The down side of still living at home is my dad wont let me do the weekly shop, so I have no control over what is brought. I want to start making weekly meal plans and actually making sure that I’m eating clean and sticking to the diet.

The third thing is I want to start taking more pictures because I want to, not because its for my college project. I want to feel the love for photography that I always had before I started this course. This course seems to have sucked my love for photography away a bit and I want to fight to regain that.

The fourth thing is I want to do blogmas. I want to try and put up a blog post every day in December, through to Christmas. Now for me that’s going to be tough as I have a busy work and uni schedule, but I promise that I’m going to try, even if I just write a bit of a ramble about the day.

The fifth and final thing I want to do is get my conch pierced. For ages I’ve been admiring other peoples conch piercings online, especially with the ring, I think it looks super cute. However I just haven’t braved it and got it done yet. Now that my rook piercing is pretty much healed, I want to go get my conch done. It was a toss up between tragus and conch, but I just knew that either way I was going to get my conch done eventually so I decided to get that first.

I recently got my Urban Decay Illuminated high lighter a new eyeliner that I will be reviewing for you guys in a few days once I’ve had a chance to try them out.

Tarteist Pro Amazonian Clay Palette

I saw this palette on a tutorial on Instagram and fell in love with it so I had to order it. The only problem was getting it to the UK from America, however I braved it and paid the extra £25 to get it over because I wanted it so much, and I’ll be totally honest with you, I’m so glad I did.

It comes in a matt black case with a gold base, which once opened is the gold base of the palette. The only down side to this is you can see your finger prints all over it, especially on the bottom, but if your not too fussed about that like me, then thats no problem, its a beautiful looking palette and worth it. When I opened it, the first thing that hit me was the scent of it, it smells like chocolate I think but others may disagree. The pigment of this palette is unreal! You literally tap your finger lightly on it, and you have a good load of pigment on your finger, so I feel as if this palette is going to last a long time because I’m not going to need much on my brush to get the desired colours.

The colours of the shadows was the main reason I wanted this palette, because of the shades being some I just can’t seem to find, however my favourite ones are whimsy, mod and drama. I also think that minx and ethereal are really nice wintery shimmery shades that I can’t wait to use. Looking at the palette as well you can easily see various eye shadow combinations that will look good together, either by following the line across or mix matching. I’m planning on using this palette tomorrow or next week for my boyfriends birthday so I will post a photo of eye looks that I make with this palette, but this is 100% a recommend. Let me know what other eye shadow palettes I should try out!

Laura Mercier Foundation Review

During my Kingston day out with my boyfriend, as I mentioned in my previous post he brought me the Laura Mercier Candleglow Foundation. I read and watched a lot of reviews on the foundation and I saw a lot of people saying that its really sheer and isn’t very buildable. I also saw a lot of people using a lot of different techniques to apply it, brushed, beauty blenders and even fingers. I personally am not a fan of applying make up with fingers. I always use either a brush or a beauty blender depending on the product.

I found with this foundation that it blends a lot nicer with a beauty blender and also builds really nicely with a beauty blender. I think a brush is a bit too harsh to use on such a light foundation as it just kind of moves its across the face where as a beauty blender puts it into place to set. I also use concealer after to cover any spots because obviously its a very light foundation so I use a thicker concealer to blend into it.

I am a hundred percent going to be re-buying this when it runs out and I am also eyeing the Laura Mercier primer. I got given a sample and I am really liking it. Over all this is a really good foundation, I think if you have really problematic skin then one of her thicker foundations with a medium to full coverage would be better but if your skin is combination like mine with the odd breakout then this is a good foundation to have. I would say keep a cheap foundation for when you have breakouts or at least a good concealer to hand.