Nipple Piercing Experience

So I’ve been eyeing up getting a nipple piercing for a little while now, but had to wait due to doing hydrotherapy at university. Today I finally got my nipples pierced and I thought I’d talk a bit about my experience.

I spent a lot of time googling it and trying to find videos of people getting this piercing and couldn’t find any and all the things I did find were kinda the same information. My piercings cost £40 each and were pierced with titanium jewellery. I scoped out the shop I got it done at well and went in and had a chat with them before hand before booking.

The pain is always the first question asked, and honestly, the pain wasn’t that bad when the needle went through, it was more painful when the piercer pulled the bar through. I got mine done across two appointments as due to my shitty immune system, I wanted one to start healing before I got the other to try and minimise infection risk. However you are fine to get both done at the same time if you wanted.

I really love how my piercings look through my tops and it’s given me a lot more self confidence which I’m loving! I think if you want to get it done, just go and do it because its not as bad or painful as what everyone makes out.

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