Study Day Morning Routine

Study days for me need to be done in a set way, I can’t just get half way through the morning and think ‘mmm i’m gonna go study now’. Its almost like I have to prep my brain for the day of study.

The first thing I do is get up about 8am. I find getting up too early makes me too tired to focus and 8am is a good amount of sleep and early that works well for me. I then go and have a shower. Having clean hair and fresh clothes really makes me feel in the mood for studying (I don’t know if thats actually a thing but yeah). I don’t put any make up on, I just moisturise and spray my face with rose water (feels so fresh) & brush through my hair, tying it into a low pony to let it air dry.

Then I make breakfast. What I eat depends on what is in the house and what I’m feeling like, some days its scrambled eggs on toast, it could just be toast or it could be porridge. Today I had swiss museli on greek yoghurt with some honey. I also made myself a lemon green tea to start and will 100% be on the PG tips by 11am.

I eat my breakfast downstairs and watch any YouTube videos or whatever I’m feeling before heading upstairs at around 10am to head into my study and start some work. I light a candle and get out the work I’m focussing on for that day (at the moment its essays….). I tend to stay up here until lunch when I take a break for an hour.



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