My new car

I’ve been driving for four years now and I’m actually onto my third car. My first car was a Renault Clio for two years, which was an amazing car but it would turn off on me and the engine would rev for no reason, all of which no one could find a problem with the engine or anything else. So I sold it and got one of my friends old cars for cheap, which was a Ford Fiesta, which it my all time favourite car, but was waaaaay to expensive to run (I mean in London, in a boy racer car, and a fairly new driver = expensive insurance). So I had that for a year and then this year when I was quoted £1300 for insurance renewal…. I had a sit down with my parents to discuss options.

We decided rather than paying £1300 to an insurance company, that we’d put that money towards a new car that will be cheaper on the insurance and cheaper to run. So we had a look, and we found a Peugeot 107 at a local car sales garage which was in decent condition. Insurance was way cheaper at £420 so we went with it. The garage we got it from ended up not being amazing and we had a few hick-ups with the car after we got it, but otherwise the car is amazing!

I filled the car up from empty for £40, and that was 200 miles ago, and I’m only just hitting half way empty on the fuel gage. The tax was £20 and as mentioned, insurance was massively lower, so all over, this car was such a good idea to buy. It’s definitely a great option for a first car (which is what it was designed for I believe) and also a good option for a town car, especially if you live in London like I do and just need a cheap run around, also meaning if I get community placements at university, driving will be much more affordable for me.




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