LCCA Round 12 – Final Round

Today was the last round of the London Cyclocross League, and the last round was in Bexley. The course was put together by VCL and was a very open, fast course on a field with no where to hide from people chasing behind. There were also plenty of fast straights as well as some slippy off cambers.

It was a really good race to watch, with my boyfriend racing and trying to hold out on 1st overall place, it was an interesting race to watch. He started out 8th and clawed his way into 6th, with it being a very fast paced course with plenty of places to fall off your bike, you needed both stamina and a bit of technical ability to avoid slipping off.

The leaders were super fast and I believe had a five minute lead time, with the rider also in the running for 1st place up in the lead group. Overall Wilf came 6th in todays race, and 2nd overall in the London League standings, which I’m super proud of him for!

We have high aims for next season, but for now, its time to get in shape for the road season and do some mountain biking.



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