What’s in my bag: uni edition

University requires me to bring a lot of stuff with me to lectures and after last year, trying to find a handbag big enough to fit everything in, I gave up this year and asked for a rucksack for Christmas.

My parents bought me the Fjallraven Kanken 15″ laptop bag in the shade charcoal. Its got a laptop compartment in the back of the bag, keeping your laptop away from things in the main compartment that could knock against it. My 15″ MacBook Pro fits in here nicely with out being too snug.

The main compartment has a seat pad (which can also double up as a pocket and you can slide notebooks in here if you like), and is big enough to fit a thin A4 folder in as well as notebooks and other things. In my main compartment I usually have:

  • A4 notebook
  • A5 planner
  • Purse, pencil case, laptop charger, a book to read, glasses case & spare shorts (I study physiotherapy so never know when I’ll be asked to put on shorts).

There is also plenty of room left over to fit a lunch box and more. I can usually fit my jacket and scarf in here okay too.

In the front pocket, which is small but spacious, I have my headphones, lipbalm, any medication I may need (I have stomach problems so carry prescribed medication as well as Gaviscon and paracetamol), I also have a portable charger & cable, chewing gum and anti-bac. I also have my Oyster card (we use it for travel in London) and my inhaler.

There are two bottle holders on each side of the bag which holds my Chillies 500ml water bottle perfectly, and at a squeeze I can fit my Hydrate m8 water bottle which is just under 2L.


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