Bedroom Make Over

I’ve been wanting to re-do my room for a while now and my dads been reluctant to let me re-decorate (he let me once when I was 15 and I made a proper mess of it) but I managed to convince him its a good idea and so I brought the paint.

My room used to have yellow floral wallpaper with light yellow paint on the other walls and chunky shelves and one of those wiggly mirrors. I wanted to paint my room grey and white to allow me to change up colour schemes when I wanted and also enjoy different seasons a lot easier (reindeer duvet covers dont look as good when you have yellow floral wallpaper).

I purchased the paint from B&Q and got some glitter to mix in with the silver paint to give it a bit more life. I also got some white shelves from Ikea and some rose gold accessories to put around my room.

I have to admit, I prefer my room much more like this and feel like its much more grown up, the glitter also works really well because its not obvious when there isn’t any light on them but when theres light, it gives a nice subtle shimmer.


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