Perfect Lazy Day

Living in England, you’re always expecting rain even when it isn’t forecast. So when I woke up this morning and it was grey skies and rain, I got a little excited. Normally on a Sunday, I’m travelling to a race somewhere in the UK either to race myself or to watch my boyfriend race. We were supposed to be in Ramsgate today for a race, but when my boyfriend woke up and said he still wasn’t feeling great (he’s had a really nasty bug) we decided it best to take the day off and be lazy.

We didn’t get out of bed until about 11:30, just laying there chatting and being on our phones (the perks to wetter weather too is you’re boyfriend can’t say it’s too hot to hug!), and then we got up and brought some stuff to make breakfast. We had a home made english breakfast, with fresh baked sourdough bread and it was amazing!

We then moved to the sofa with the duvet and put on a film (The Taking of Pelham 123 is an amazing film you have to watch), and then my boyfriend took a nap and I continued binge watch Greys Anatomy until he woke up a few hours later.

It was the perfect lazy day that I needed before launching back into lectures and revision this evening ready for the week coming.


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