London X League : Crystal Palace

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with cycling and often struggle to find motivation to go out and ride. Once I’m riding I’m okay, its just getting out and on the bike. Cyclocross was how I found my way into the racing scene, I saw photos of other people racing and getting covered in mud and thought I want a go. But due to university and medical reasons I’ve not raced or trained for a fair while. Today was my first race in around a year and a half if not two years.

Crystal Palace used to be an old cyclocross venue which eventually stopped being used, however this year they managed to get a round there and a lot of people turned up for it. It was an amazing course set up and honestly one of my favourite courses, it was interesting with very little long straights. The weather was unusually nice and warm but also kind of windy which for me, caused problems with my asthma due to the amount of dust and I had to pull out after one lap because of an asthma attack.

I feel like this course would be amazing in the wet and 100% not a course to miss out on riding!! I’m super bummed that I didn’t get to finish it and hopefully next year they’ll have another round there.



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