I got a piano

Piano has been an instrument that I have wanted to learn to play for many many years, pretty much from when I was a toddler as I used to sit and watch my cousin play. I was never able to have piano lessons as my parents didn’t have room for a piano in our house, so my grandpa took the time to teach me some of the basics.

I learnt to play all the music in the first grade book that my grandpa went through with me, but we never got into the theory side of things I had never heard of terms such as pianissimo, diminuendo or legato. A few months back, I said to my dad about going to look at getting a new guitar, an instrument I again knew the basics off but wanted to learn to play properly and I had researched some local tutors. I found the guitar I wanted and continued to wander around the shop. I stopped and started playing about on one of the pianos and my dad started reading some of the information. Not long after he was asking for a business card from one of the employees.

After some discussion with my mum and a promise from me to actually learn to play, we brought it. Its an electric piano because sometimes I’ll be playing while my parents are watching TV so it’s good to be able to put headphones on and be able to play. I have a piano teacher now who’s working me towards my grade one, we’re just working on what I know and what I don’t (mainly the terms and what they mean) and then we’re going to be working on going for my grade one exam!

I already have ideas for what instruments I want to learn to play afterwards as well!



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