Krispy Kreme Adventures

The other night I was left with nothing to do after my boyfriend was busy and my parents had already started watching a film, only for me to finish work two hours early. I messaged my friend Massara and we went out to Krispy Kremes, listening to the new Mamma Mia sound track the whole way there (we’re semi professional singers obviously). It was late and by the time we left was easily nine pm, so when we got there we ordered three donuts each and a drink and sat down to chat.

I got the Reeses, Nutella and Caramel donuts with a cookies and kreme milkshake. We sat there until closing chatting about stuff like university (I’m going into my second year of Physio and Massaras going into her first year of Law) and just general life. Once they shut we went for a drive around local country lanes and all in all, was a good little adventure!



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