Money Management

Like most twenty-one year olds, I’m amazing at accidentally spending all my money by the end of pay day on things that I most probably didn’t need. I’ve looked at many different ways to try keep track of my money and I just never seem to be able to do it.

When I was in Italy, my boyfriends aunt mentioned her daughter has a spreadsheet that she tracks everything in. So when I got home, I looked for a tutorial on how to make a financial spreadsheet and I found a video from The Financial Diet on YouTube giving a step-by-step guide to making one.

I first set it up on Excel, however I moved it over to Google Docs because it made more sense to then be able to access it on my phone and iPad etc. So far it works amazingly! It calculates all my incomings (my wage varies month to month) and from there it works out how much I can put into my savings. I’ve done it to calculate 20% of my incomings for savings but you can adjust it as you want. You can then put in all of your expenses for the month such as petrol, spending money etc and it will total all of that up for you. The best bit for me is that it deducts your expenses from your incomings and tells you how much money you should have left over after that. This is the best bit for me because then I know what to expect in my bank at the end of the month and hopefully won’t go under.

So far this has been working really well for me and hopefully will keep me in line. I’m hoping to tick some goals off my list next year and need to start saving now to do it!


Italy Adventures

Italy is one of my favourite countries. Especially the town of Chiavenna, I visit there a lot both in the summer to swim in their waterfalls and in the winter to go snowboarding. So this year when my boyfriend and I wanted a cheapish holiday away (he has relatives out there who lend us a house to stay in) we booked tickets there.

The plan for the whole week was to do the bare minimum. It’s very hot there so lots of our plans were based around ice-cream and water. There are two waterfalls right near where we stay and we only made it to one as the other required a car we didn’t have. We walked to the waterfall and swam in the ice-melt water, sunbathed and took a nice walk back via a cooler (in both senses) cycle path that ran beside the river. We even got the train out to a nearby lake (near lake Como) and sunbathed there for a day.

One of my favourite things about Italy is hiking, and I love to go for walks with my boyfriends aunt and her dog, Blink. We went for some shorter walks just because of how the times worked, but we went up to their mountain house (its a half hour drive up the mountain they live on) and took Blink for a much nicer woodland hike which she loved.

Travelling is something I’ve never been able to do much before but now I’m able to, I’m hooked. After our city break to Copenhagen last December, we’ve also booked to go to Paris this December, but we’re hoping to drive rather than fly, so look out for that post!!

L’Oreal Paris Face Masks

My skin has always been an issue for me. As a teenager it was always spotty and a nightmare to get under control. As an adult the spots are less but the under-skin spots and blackheads are un-moveable. I’ve tried everything from blackhead strips, daily exfoliating and deep pore cleansers and none have worked for me.

I came across the L’Oreal facemasks on Amazon when I was ordering some sheet face masks and I thought I’d give them a go, they’d gotten really good reviews and they weren’t massively expensive. I brought two, the 3 Pure Clays and Charcoal Detox Mask and the Smooth Sugar Clear Kiwi Face and Lip Scrub.

Before using the face mask I took off my make up with a the Simple Face Wash, patted my face dry and then applied the detox mask with a foundation brush. It only took about five/ten minutes to dry and it also didn’t dry making my face feel tight. I rinsed it off with warm water and then used the Sugar Scrub.

The detox mask is really good and I strongly recommend it, a little goes a long way with this too so I can see it lasting a long time, even if I use it twice a week I think this pot will last me a couple of months. It doesn’t feel harsh on the skin which considering I have fairly sensitive skin, is a good thing.
Processed with VSCO with c1 presetThe Sugar Scrub however I found harsher on the skin. I’m not sure if maybe I was being particularly heavy handed or not but it felt rather rough on the skin. It did work wonders on my black heads though and got rid of a fair few. I finished it off with a black head strip to grab hold of any last little black heads. I’m super happy with the results from these and their now firmly put in my weekly skin care routine.

Pizza Date

Spending time with my mum is rare and usually spent at hospital appointments. This week we’ve managed to squeeze in a couple mother daughter dates which I’ve really enjoyed. Today she had a hospital appointment so on the way back we stopped off for pizza at Franco Manca. We shared a pizza and some garlic bread and spent the time there enjoying the sun and chatting. We got the chorizo pizza and I have to admit, one of my favourite pizzas so far. I’m going to head back there with my boyfriend for a date night and its not stupidly expensive either, so perfect if you want to go out with friends and not spend a fortune.