Crazy Golf and Burgers

Date nights are something that tend to cost a fair bit, especially in London, so an easy dinner and cinema date can come to £60 with no real problem. I like to treat my boyfriend when I have the money (student problems, always being skint), and today I got some money from some work I’ve been doing so I took him out for burgers at Blacks Burgers in Epsom and then went on to play Crazy Golf, which much to my boyfriends excitement, was dinosaur themed (he has a thing for whistling the Jurassic Park theme continuously).

The burgers we got were amazing, and having recently got my boyfriend to like milkshakes, he was so excited to get a biscoff milkshake (he also discovered blowing bubbles into it… I promise he’s twenty-four) and he had the most amazing looking burger. I tend to have vegetarian burgers occasionally as I find its good to change it up a bit, so I had their vegetarian burger, and after a discussion on if I should have bacon as a topping, I settled for onions and stole some of my boyfriends coleslaw to put inside it too.

Our next stop was a crazy golf place down the road from us, we had a laugh at how bad we both were, I also nearly lost a ball in the fast flowing water, then at the end, knowing it would be close on who won (we’re a competitive couple…) I said if I won he had to buy me a dinosaur egg that I saw (I mean what twenty year old doesn’t want to hatch their own dinosaur?!). We added up our points, both having done pretty badly…. and I beat him by one point! My dinosaur egg is currently hatching in a vase in the kitchen (we didn’t have anything else we could submerge it in…)




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