First Term Tips

I knew university was going to tough and not exactly a walk in the park, but no one really tells you how much shit hits the fan at times, so here are some tips to help.

  1. dont head out and buy all the books they recommend. This may not be the same for every uni but mine merges some of our lectures with bio-meds and medics, so in a lot of our first lectures they each recommended a book, which I promptly went out and brought. Rookie mistake as I’m now trying to sell them because we didn’t need them for our course.
  2. be prepared. This may sound stupid but I don’t mean print the slides off and thats that. I personally type mine out so I’m taking in the information and only have to take the odd note in lectures. But also try and answer your learning objectives, make a word document just for LOs and type them all there. This will help when making a study guide.
  3. Study everything you cover at the end of every week or month. Depending how many lectures you have a week, study what you learnt either at the end of the week or the end of the month just to make sure that information has sunk in.
  4. make time to relax. Another thing that seems obvious but also impossible. Make sure you have a few hours a day to yourself, no matter if its just spending time cooking a meal and watching a film or having a bath. Do it.
  5. study groups are life savers. You dont have to do it for every study session but every now and then its good to study with someone else and bounce things off each other
  6. use online resources. I personally use quizlet, its something a lot of people in my uni use and you can get it on your phone or your laptop and not only can you find revision but you can make your own in the form of flash cards, written revision, diagrams all types and it then tests you on it once you put in the information. The app is super handy when travelling as well to squeeze some revision in.
  7. socialise. I’m super bad at this because I get tired so easily but you really should try to attend as many social things as possible. My class have started a curry club where we all go out for a curry every other month or so just as a social get together as well as the SU bar on a Friday. My aim for the new years is to actually attend more of these and not give in to being tired.



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