Pros and Cons of short hair

Having just cut about ten inches off my hair, I thought I’d do a pro’s and cons of my decision…


  • Its easier to brush and less knotty
  • looks nice down and less like I’ve been dragged through a bush
  • Its good for warm weather…. yet I cut mine in time for winter… (possible con)
  • It uses less shampoo and conditioner to maintain


  • I cant pull it into a pony tail…. which has led me to discover I hate having my hair down…. I want my hair long enough to tie up with a thousand kirby grips….
  • Its harder to style…. I’ve been looking at hair styles for the christmas ball and my dads surprise birthday party… but theres nothing
  • Its not winter friendly. My neck has never been so cold…
  • Its also kind of annoying how it keeps slipping down the back of my coat

Although I don’t fully regret cutting my hair short, it has made me realise a few things like the fact I actually really love just shoving my hair in a pony tail. I am definitely growing it out but I am glad I cut it short.

check out my new YouTube video showing my hair from long to short!


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