LCCA Round 3 – HHV

Myself and my boyfriend both ride bikes. We also both do cyclocross. I’m taking a season out and only riding for fun to get fitness back after a year of not really riding much at all.  Yesterday was the third round of the LCCA, and after missing last weeks due to my boyfriend moving house, he was pretty stoked to ride this week. I was also planning on riding until I came down with a bug, I decided it best to get over the bug before racing again. This round was held at Herne Hill Velodrome. The best bit is not many people know theres a velodrome near my area so when I tell people who are non-riders their a bit like ‘oh, didn’t know that was there’.

My boyfriends a pretty quick rider and has been doing this for a few years now, however he lacks self-confidence sometimes and psychs himself out sometimes, so my aim for this year is to help him realise how good he actually is and help him reach his full potential. He started this race really strong in 2nd place and I honestly thought he’d have it in the bag because he has a lot of stamina and can hold places through out a race and rarely drops down places unless crashing. Thats exactly what happened. He crashed on a techy piece that was slipper than expected. It was a tough terrain with the top layer being slippy and then it being hard packed mud underneath, needing mud tyre but high pressure. Wilf held himself around 10th for the whole race & built a big enough gap between him and the rider behind him. Although a bit bummed he crashed, he’s still chuffed with where he came and is looking forward to his next round.


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