Music Favourites

So with plenty of new music coming out there’s lots of new songs to listen too and blast out, especially now the weathers starting to get warmer. These are my current favourites that I’m loving listening to at the moment.

I’m loving Noah Cyrus Stay Together and Make Me Cry at the moment so much! Their my current go to songs. I can’t really explain why I love these songs so much but I do and Noah is one of my favourite artists at the moment. I just love the sound of her music and her song Stay Together makes me feel almost free and just gives you energy which I love!

I’m also currently loving Hailee Steinfelds Most Girls as well. Its an amazing song that you can blast loud in the car and sing along too but you can also relate to it in a way. Again the music just fills you with so much energy especially when its really loud and I downloaded it as soon as I first heard it and added it to my favourites playlist.

Another song I’m currently obsessed with is Little Mix No More Sad Songs. The upbeat rhythm is so energetic and dance-able that its one I’m often playing really loudly in my room and singing along too.

Niall Horans Slow Hands is also a strong favourite at the moment and is on repeat along with Noah Cyrus. The sound of this track is so unique I really love it, you get really drawn into it and find yourself singing along with it.

Let me know what songs are you’re current favourites!


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