January Round Up

So coming into the New Year, I had lots of plans of things I wanted to do, such as start riding more, train harder, live life a bit more with out worrying so much and get my blog running smoothly with regular updates. I started the New Year with a new job which is going really well, but I also started it with a new medical situation which has caused my doctors to make me put on hold a lot of my training plans. I had posts due to be written up this week, however with a mix of work training, work opening, college projects and doctors/hospital appointments, my brains been in a bit of overload and I needed a bit of time to try sort everything out.

I am going to have a post up next week for you and then hopefully every week from then on. I am also looking at getting Vlogging camera so that I can upload some YouTube videos when I do something interesting, along with some general YouTube videos, however this may take a bit longer to get running smoothly because of how much time needs putting into it, compared to the amount of time I have at the moment.

Either way its just a little up date to let you know that I am planning a lot of stuff for my blog this year and to keep watching this space.


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