January Round Up

So coming into the New Year, I had lots of plans of things I wanted to do, such as start riding more, train harder, live life a bit more with out worrying so much and get my blog running smoothly with regular updates. I started the New Year with a new job which is going really well, but I also started it with a new medical situation which has caused my doctors to make me put on hold a lot of my training plans. I had posts due to be written up this week, however with a mix of work training, work opening, college projects and doctors/hospital appointments, my brains been in a bit of overload and I needed a bit of time to try sort everything out.

I am going to have a post up next week for you and then hopefully every week from then on. I am also looking at getting Vlogging camera so that I can upload some YouTube videos when I do something interesting, along with some general YouTube videos, however this may take a bit longer to get running smoothly because of how much time needs putting into it, compared to the amount of time I have at the moment.

Either way its just a little up date to let you know that I am planning a lot of stuff for my blog this year and to keep watching this space.

2017 Goals

So with 2016 finally over, I’m hoping that 2017 is going to be a better year and a time where I can really start to get my life together and do what makes me happy. I’m going to be honest, my 2017 hasn’t started on the best note in some ways but I’m determined to get through the challenges that these are presenting me and have a good year. One of my main aims this year is to save money and just do what I want to do. I’m lucky enough to get to start this year off being flown out to Spain to do a photoshoot, before going to Italy to go snowboarding in March. In between that I have my new job which I am loving and getting to finish my studies before either starting new studies in a new subject or getting my first full time job. Either way which ever one happens I feel will happen for a reason, if I get to study my chosen course then it will allow me to meet new people, progress my skills and get a good job after, if not I’m going to get a strong portfolio of work together and find a full time job. The plus side to a full time job is not only having more money, but getting to be an adult and start saving for moving out. What ever happens I am happy with so we will see.

I also want to start putting more content on my blog so I have a lot of posts planned and I am aiming on dedicating more time to writing it and putting up more interesting and original content. A re-design may also happen at some point.

I am hoping this year will be a good year to start the next chapter of my life and progress onto moving out with my boyfriend at some point with in the next few years. I’m aiming on stepping up my training for my cycling to start placing higher in races, as well as establishing my own fashion style and feeling confident when wearing it. My blogs content is going to be different in the sense that as much of a make up/fashion blog it is, I am also going to update it with more bits of my life, ride and race updates, if something exciting happens updates as well as more lifestyle bits.

Heres to a good 2017!