Top 5 Christmas Films

With Christmas is just under two weeks time theres no reason not to watch Christmas films to get into the festive spirit. I usually watch maybe the same two films over again but this year I branched out a bit, so here are my recommended top five films to watch this year!

The first is Home Alone and Home Alone 2. These are classics that never get old, with a funny plot and amazing actors as well as touching moments, its perfect for Christmas and really captures that Christmas is all about family. Its a tie for me if I prefer the first or second film but this is one film that I watch every year!

The second is Elf. Now I dont think that this is the best Christmas film ever, the story plot is good, I just think Will Ferrell isn’t a strong main character, he’s better at playing supporting roles I personally feel. But at the same time, I can’t help but laugh when he launches himself at the Christmas tree when decorating the apartment, his innocence and love for Santa, again really makes the film for me.

The third is All I Want for Christmas, this is such a funny film in so many ways, and Hallie is by far my favourite character. It really showed how siblings will look out for each other as well as the typical boy meet girl and falls in love with the older brother and how the youngest is so innocent, asking Santa for the impossible, having her divorced parents back together, whilst forming a plan to get rid of her mums fiancé.

The fourth is Love Actually, this is one of my favourites because theres so many different stories all intertwining together and all will a different touching idea. My favourite character is the young boy in love with the American singer he’s playing the drums for, with the most memorable scene being him running through the airport to say goodbye to her. This is most definitely a must watch for anyone this Christmas.

The last film is Jingle All The Way and is about a dad trying to do his best for his son, but unwilling messing it up, the ending is totally hilarious and really touching with the young son finally realising how awesome his dad is, despite his mess ups along the way.

Comment below what your favourite Christmas films are!


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