Herne Hill Velodrome Crowd Funder

I dont usually like doing posts like this, but I’m classing this as an exception. As you may know I do competitive cycling, riding Cyclocross & MTB. I’ve done a bit of track but didn’t have time to do it as much as I’d of liked to this year (one of my new years resolutions, to get down the track more). However my cycling club is based at Herne Hill Velodrome which is one of the oldest cycling tracks in the world and was built in 1891 and hosted the 1948 Summer Olympic Track Cycling events. This track has a lot of history and is used pretty much everyday through out the week for cycling be it recreational riding, race events or school activities.

The Save The Velodrome campaign started in 2010 and lead to the redevelopment of Herne Hill Velodrome, starting with re-surfacing the track with all weather tarmac that finished in 2012, improving the facilities with out door lighting, an inner track and a multi-use games area that was finished in 2014. The last phase is building and fitting a new pavilion complete with club room, offices, changing rooms & toilets, medical room and more. The building is now nearly completed and they need to raise money to furnish the inside of the pavilion, including rebuilding the old grandstand.

If you’re a keen cyclist or just want to help out, then please donate to this amazing cause! They need to raise £75,000 and are currently on £32,830 and even its only £10, you can get rewards depending on how much you donate, from a cycling hat (£20) or t-shirt (£30) all the way to a limited edition FHHV navy track bike with track time and your own coach as well as a limited edition jersey (£1,500). Please take the time to have a quick look and read and donate if you can!


Thank you!


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