Winter Essentials

With winter already hitting hard here with ice everywhere and freezing cold winds, theres a few essentials that everyone should have on them in these colder months.

1. Lip Balm

You’re going to need a lip balm to avoid horrible chapped lips that everyone gets in the winter time, I usually have two, one in my make up bag that I put on every morning & evening, as well as one in my handbag for on the go

2. Dark Lipstick

Lipstick is another must for me and at the moment I am loving matte colours, and I know this isn’t an extremely dark shade but its my favourite at the moment for every day use and its MACs Persistence

3. Thick Scarf

One of the things that keeps me going during the winter is a thick scarf. I personally really like the hoop ones that are a big circle you twist over your head (I’m not explaining this too well) but I find their perfect for burying my face and hands in when its pretty cold

4. Emergency Coffee Money

I try to make sure that there is at least a fiver in my bag at all times for emergency money incase I need food or to get the bus somewhere, but in the winter it turns into emergency coffee money for those times you walk past a coffee shop & just think how good a warm coffee would be right at that moment

5. Thick Winter Coats

Thick winter coats are a must everywhere, however this year I am loving the Duster coats that you can get in pretty much any clothing store. I feel they go so well with pretty much any outfit as well as being able to look casual as well as smart when needed

6. Turtle Neck

I love turtle necks and impulsively buy them whenever I see one, wether its a top, jumper, dress or body suit, I just love them. Their one of my fashion staples because you can match them with anything, skirts, jeans and for those lazy days, leggins. I have a big oversized knitted jumper thats turtle neck and its perfect for cold morning and early starts

7. Dark Nail Varnish

What is winter with out the dark nail varnish? Or even the bright red nail varnish when it gets closer to Christmas? I love how nail varnish can complete a look so I personally stick to black, burgundy, beige, greys and reds in the winter time because they go with pretty much any outfit

Comment below what your winter essentials are!


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