Conch Piercing

For a while I have admired the conch piercing especially those with a ring, so after trying to decide if I wanted to get my tragus or conch pierced, I settled for my conch knowing I was going to do it at some point any way. I usually go to Up in Smoke in Croydon however after a few incidents with people getting pierced with the wrong thing and me personally not being too up for travelling all the way to Croydon, I found a more local piercers to me.

I’m very careful when I go to get piercings and to be honest I wouldn’t have gone to Up in Smoke originally apart from a close friend recommending them, but this time I went to Long Island Ink on Sutton Common Road where they had really good reviews and their prices were decent. I emailed them about the piercing and got a quick and helpful reply so I booked in with them after my grading.

I went there today and had my conch pierced by a really lovely girl called Charlotte who was amazing and so so nice, she couldn’t do enough to help me and is finding me a ring to put in after a few months and they even do a check up with you via text to make sure the piercings okay. If your in South-East London I would totally recommend going there for tattoos or piercings.

When I was planning this piercing the main thing I worried about was how much it would hurt. I’m not such a wuss when it comes to pain, I can easily take a beating and pain isn’t such an issue for me. However this one did hurt considerably more than my other piercings, including my rook. I also heard the crunch as it went through my cartilage which I didn’t hear with my other piercings, but the pain lasted all of twenty seconds. My piercer had a slight issue trying to get my ball on the front of my bar but managed it with out causing me any pain. I am planning on changing this to a ring when I can and my piercer is looking for a plain hoop to change it too in a few months time, but in the mean time I am loving the stud. It bled a little bit but not too much which is good and the piercing went smoothly. I’d say this is one of my favourites and is definitely worth getting done if you want it. Out of 10 the pain was about a 7 or 8 for all of twenty seconds, and it only stung after when I went outside because we’re currently in the minus’ here in the UK.

Photo credits for the black and white photo goes to Charlotte at Long Island Ink

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