Late Night Rambles

So its about half ten and I have loads of energy and I’m totally excited over nothing. I’ve been up since half six this morning and spent a whole day stressing at college, yet I have enough energy to willingly go for a sprint. My dog is also totally judging my dance moves to Beyonce right now as well.

Today I’ve had a lot of time to thing about the future and where I’m hoping next year will go, because to be totally honest, this years been shit for a majority of us. Next year I am viewing as the start to my adult life. I’m nineteen and living at home with my parents and until the beginning of this year I had no idea where my life was going. I’d had a shitty end to 2015 and 2016 started looking up until a few months ago. Either way in 2017 I have a lot of ideas. I’ve applied for new jobs because I want to get out the bike trade and into something more stable, and I’ve also applied for university to study at St Georges University in Tooting, or Kings College London or Brunel – we’ll see which if any accepts me. Either way, I feel what ever happens with uni will happen for a reason, I’ll either go study and work my butt off for three years potentially five if I gain a masters, or I’ll go into full time work and work my way up through experience. Either way what ever happens, happens for a reason.

Apart from uni I’m also going to quit karate and try out running. I wanted to try running a few years back but I was a lot more shy then and it clashed with karate, and at that time I was very much into karate. However its recently been causing me more stress than its worth so after my national grading to get my brown belt in two weeks, I’m gonna take a break and give something else a try. Running will also help out with my cycling as well which is a plus. I’m so excited about trying it out that I’ve been googling outfits and I’m so excited I can’t actually contain my excitement.

I’m also going to brave it and follow my fashion and make up instinct. I know the kind of fashion that I like and I know my style, I’m just not confident wearing my style. I’ve been trying to build up to it, but I always feel too over dressed if ya get what I mean? So next year I’m going to try and get more confident with myself and how I look.

Either way next year I am hoping is going to be a good year for me and I’m hoping to make the most of it. I know its a bit early, but I genuinely have so much energy right now I had to get some of it out, and hey, thats what a blogs for right? Either way there will be an eye look posted soon with my new Tarte eyeshadow palette!!

Night, Hazel


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