How Too Cosy Room

So with Autumn now in action with beautiful leaves and colours everywhere, everyones pulling out their thicker jackets and boots preparing for the cold and wet of a British winter. The single best thing during the autumn/winter is 100% the bedroom, she here are some tips on how to make your bedroom cosy for those colder nights.

The first thing is to change your duvet covers. Using a more wintery colour such as white or grey or similar pastel colours can really tone down the room, especially as the bed is usually the main focus point in a bedroom, getting the right colour duvet can really impact a room. I personally prefer grey shades as I find whites to clinical like being in hospitals or something, so I stick with the greys.

The second thing is to buy a throw or blanket to put on your bed and obviously snuggle into in the night. I got mine from Home Living for about £25 and its so soft, I’ve slept with it on my bed every night since I got it. I also put a hot water bottle in my bed too to warm it up, although even if you dont use it, it can look pretty cute in a pillow organisation when your not actually sleeping in your bed.

Leading on to pillows, having some cute, decorative pillows can also be a big bonus as it makes your room more homely in general, but having some with the darker orange and mustard tones can stop the room becoming dull yet not being too bright, plus you got to love those wintery tones.

I also like to have a candle or a melt going whilst I’m in my room just because it makes it feel warmer, especially when I have just my bedside lights on. I like the yankee candles and I currently use the candle Cinnamon which isn’t very over powering when your burning it but fills the room with a lovely scent. I am ordering some yankee candles soon so will do a haul of those when they turn up! Following off the bedside light I also like to use lamps or fairy lights in my room rather than the main light, giving a cosy late night feel.

Rugs are another good way to make your room cosy. Putting a soft cream fluffy rug on your floor can make all the difference, especially if you have wooden flooring or similar because other wise its horrible when your feet hit the freezing floor in the morning. So a rug could totally be the next best thing to buy for your room!

I have lots more blog posts planned for the up coming month so keep posted for book reviews, make up & outfit ideas as well as other hauls & tips!




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