Studio Photography

What many of you don’t know is that I’m studying photography. I completed it at A level getting two A*s and an A, going on to study it at HND (Level 5) which is university level, where if I complete another year at uni I get a BA Hons. However I’m finishing the HND (this is my last year) and I’m either going into Physiotherapy or full time work depending how UCAS pans out.

Either way one of our recent projects is about studio lighting, so I’ve focused mine on portraiture and using different lighting styles. I had a lot of strong ideas at the start such as getting a dancer in and putting them in a stretchy material to make cool shapes. My other idea was based off the work of Brian McNamara. I used my friend as a model for the test shoot to work out lighting and see what worked and what didn’t. We used a mix of make up and lighting gels to create different lighting however I think these could have come out a lot better, so I’m working on more ideas to progress it.

In the mean time here is some of the photos from the shoot the other day! Comment below what you think and any ideas you guys might have on how I can improve!



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