How Too Cosy Room

So with Autumn now in action with beautiful leaves and colours everywhere, everyones pulling out their thicker jackets and boots preparing for the cold and wet of a British winter. The single best thing during the autumn/winter is 100% the bedroom, she here are some tips on how to make your bedroom cosy for those colder nights.

The first thing is to change your duvet covers. Using a more wintery colour such as white or grey or similar pastel colours can really tone down the room, especially as the bed is usually the main focus point in a bedroom, getting the right colour duvet can really impact a room. I personally prefer grey shades as I find whites to clinical like being in hospitals or something, so I stick with the greys.

The second thing is to buy a throw or blanket to put on your bed and obviously snuggle into in the night. I got mine from Home Living for about ¬£25 and its so soft, I’ve slept with it on my bed every night since I got it. I also put a hot water bottle in my bed too to warm it up, although even if you dont use it, it can look pretty cute in a pillow organisation when your not actually sleeping in your bed.

Leading on to pillows, having some cute, decorative pillows can also be a big bonus as it makes your room more homely in general, but having some with the darker orange and mustard tones can stop the room becoming dull yet not being too bright, plus you got to love those wintery tones.

I also like to have a candle or a melt going whilst I’m in my room just because it makes it feel warmer, especially when I have just my bedside lights on. I like the yankee candles and I currently use the candle¬†Cinnamon which isn’t very over powering when your burning it but fills the room with a lovely scent. I am ordering some yankee candles soon so will do a haul of those when they turn up! Following off the bedside light I also like to use lamps or fairy lights in my room rather than the main light, giving a cosy late night feel.

Rugs are another good way to make your room cosy. Putting a soft cream fluffy rug on your floor can make all the difference, especially if you have wooden flooring or similar because other wise its horrible when your feet hit the freezing floor in the morning. So a rug could totally be the next best thing to buy for your room!

I have lots more blog posts planned for the up coming month so keep posted for book reviews, make up & outfit ideas as well as other hauls & tips!


Studio Photography

What many of you don’t know is that I’m studying photography. I completed it at A level getting two A*s and an A, going on to study it at HND (Level 5) which is university level, where if I complete another year at uni I get a BA Hons. However I’m finishing the HND (this is my last year) and I’m either going into Physiotherapy or full time work depending how UCAS pans out.

Either way one of our recent projects is about studio lighting, so I’ve focused mine on portraiture and using different lighting styles. I had a lot of strong ideas at the start such as getting a dancer in and putting them in a stretchy material to make cool shapes. My other idea was based off the work of Brian McNamara. I used my friend as a model for the test shoot to work out lighting and see what worked and what didn’t. We used a mix of make up and lighting gels to create different lighting however I think these could have come out a lot better, so I’m working on more ideas to progress it.

In the mean time here is some of the photos from the shoot the other day! Comment below what you think and any ideas you guys might have on how I can improve!


Autumns Here

Autumn is my favourite season next to Winter. I just prefer the colder months as well as the fact its race season. I really love the whole getting to wrap up, rain & puddles as well as having the fire on in the house whilst wrapped up in a thick blanket watching TV and drinking tea. I also love after races when you get in the warm shower and wash all the mud off and change into tracksuit bottoms or sitting in the car on the way home covered in a towel or blanket drinking a hot drink thinking of how fun the race was.

This Autumn I am planning on enjoying it as much as I can, including going to pumpkin patches, walks in the woods and drinking seasonal Starbucks drinks. I am also going shopping this Wednesday where I am hoping to buy loads of Autumnal/Winter clothes which I can then do a haul on & an Autumn outfit thing as well.

In the mean time I’m gonna go back to drinking my tea in my bedroom (which I’ve made cosy with candles and blankets with pillows soon to come) and watching Netflix (for those not too squeamish I’d 100% recommend watching House MD!).

Will be back with another blog post soon!

Laura Mercier Foundation Review

During my Kingston day out with my boyfriend, as I mentioned in my previous post he brought me the Laura Mercier Candleglow Foundation. I read and watched a lot of reviews on the foundation and I saw a lot of people saying that its really sheer and isn’t very buildable. I also saw a lot of people using a lot of different techniques to apply it, brushed, beauty blenders and even fingers. I personally am not a fan of applying make up with fingers. I always use either a brush or a beauty blender depending on the product.

I found with this foundation that it blends a lot nicer with a beauty blender and also builds really nicely with a beauty blender. I think a brush is a bit too harsh to use on such a light foundation as it just kind of moves its across the face where as a beauty blender puts it into place to set. I also use concealer after to cover any spots because obviously its a very light foundation so I use a thicker concealer to blend into it.

I am a hundred percent going to be re-buying this when it runs out and I am also eyeing the Laura Mercier primer. I got given a sample and I am really liking it. Over all this is a really good foundation, I think if you have really problematic skin then one of her thicker foundations with a medium to full coverage would be better but if your skin is combination like mine with the odd breakout then this is a good foundation to have. I would say keep a cheap foundation for when you have breakouts or at least a good concealer to hand.