Kingston Day Out

With yesterday being my last Thursday before I go back to college and won’t be able to spend them with my boyfriend for a while, we decided to make a day of it and venture out to Kingston. Although the main reason we chose Kingston was because I had an old Bentalls voucher that needed spending so what better opportunity to go buy some make up!

We didn’t get into Kingston until about two in the afternoon and upon getting a bit lost in Bentalls (we went up some stairs rather than down) we discovered a Krispy Kreme where we got some doughnuts, before finally finding the MAC & other make up stands. I knew I wanted to get a few more MAC lipsticks and brought myself Captive & Persistence (reviews coming soon dont worry) as well as buying a new foundation which my boyfriend got me which was the Laura Mercier Candleglow Soft Luminous Foundation (review coming on this too).

After dragging my boyfriend around the make up section for ages and detouring into shoes, homeware & handbags, we made it out onto the high street for some lunch. We dont usually go to Kingston unless its for a night out so it was a bit odd everything being open, but it gave us plenty to look at whilst finding some food to eat. We eventually came across a small cafe called Glutopia which turned out to be a gluten free cafe. I have some stomach problems which usually leave me with crippling stomach aches or feeling sick and tired, causing me to sleep a lot. We thought we’d give it a go and in true me style I forgot to take my tablets that I have to take before meals to reduce stomach acid, however the food didn’t affect me as bad as most other foods do. We tried one of their cupcakes, which was covered in icing with a strawberry for some nice decoration. The cake tasted really nice however it was a little bit dry but tasty all the same!

Satisfied with our food and looking around a few more shops, we decided to head back to mine to chill before I had to take my dog to dog training classes. So overall a good day!

My Autumn Hair/Skin Routine

So since the weathers starting to get colder here in the UK, the elements start to take it out on your hair as well as your skin. You blow dry your hair and chuck it up into buns a lot more during the winter which really affects your hair. My hair personally is oily at the top & dry at the ends meaning I have to wash my hair pretty much everyday rather than the every other day.

For my hair I use the L’Oreal extraordinary clay rebalancing shampoo & conditioner. I also use their hair mask for your roots. You put the hair mask all over your dry roots and leave in for five minutes, then hop in the shower and rinse it out until it runs clear. The only problem I found with the hair mask was it turned my fingers blue which I couldn’t get off to start with, however the shampoo gets it out when you shampoo your hair. After using the hair mask your hair feels cleaner straight away, and after following through with the shampoo & conditioner my hair felt really smooth. Once my hair was dry my roots looked so much better and my hair even felt softer which I wasn’t expecting. Even the next day my hair didn’t look greasy or grimy which was a change, meaning I got to shower with out washing my hair!

For my skin, I usually take my make up off with the Oil infused Micellar water before washing my face with Dr.Organic bioactive tea tree face wash. I got this from Holland & Barrettes and it only cost me around £7 and you get a decent sized tube of it. You only need a bit about the size of a 5p coin as its pretty runny and once applied to a wet face, it lathers into a foam pretty nicely. I’m hoping to buy a face brush as some point of a Clarisonic mia when I save the money, so I think this face wash would work nicely with that. I then follow with the Dr.Organic dead sea mineral bio-plasma mud mask. You only need to apply this for ten minutes so I usually do my face routine, put this on then the hair mask so I wash both the hair and face mask off in the shower. You only need a thin layer & at first its pretty tough to squeeze out the tube, however my face felt really clean after this.

The last thing I do once I get out the shower is use the Lush Tea Tree Toner Water which makes your face feel so fresh and clean, before using the Lush Imperialis face moisturiser. Once this is all done I dry my hair and apply my make up and I’m good to go!

Black Eyed Susans

Something that I didn’t mention in my intro to myself is that I’m a bookworm. I have so many books my dads started introducing the idea of boxing some up to make room for more, which I’m trying to avoid because you never know when you might want to re-read a book. But on one of my many adventures to Waterstones, I came across this book and new that I needed it right away, so I brought it and read it with in two days.

This story isn’t your average murder/mystery/crime thriller sort of book, it flips between the main character in two different times in her life, the present day and just after her kidnapping.Through out the whole book you try piecing it together in your head, and just as you think you’ve figured it out, something happens that changes your mind. I was totally not expecting the kidnapper/murderer to be who it was. Also they discover more about the victims and what happened the more you work through the book.

I find with books that I can either love them and not be able to put them down, usually resulting in it being read with in a few days, or their the kind of book that I don’t mind reading but I’m not in a rush to finish. This book gripped me from the start, I seriously couldn’t put it down! The whole book has so many unexpected twists that you need to pay attention to things that are said and its so easy to envision the scenarios its like a movie in your head as you read.

This book is a total recommend, its paper back and only cost me around £7 to purchase and it was so worth it! I want to get some more of Julia Heaberlins books because her writing is amazing!

I’m currently reading The Lovely Bones so keep watching this space for a review!!

About Me

Welcome to my blog! My blog is going to contain things about make up, fashion &  more, both product reviews, products I love & hauls. As well as this I’ll also upload about any interesting day outs I have no matter what. I thought since this is a new blog it would be a good idea to do a bit of an intro to myself.

I’m nineteen & from London, I work in a bike shop around my studies and I’m hoping to become a physiotherapist. I’m very sporty, competing in cycling events and training martial arts to a high level. Apart from this I have a slight obsession with home ware & candles, I love the Autumn/Winter time and I have a dog called Bailey. I like make up and clothes and have way to much of it, as well as having an obsession with bath & body products resulting in me having tons of bubble baths and constantly changing my body wash & moisturiser. I am working on my YouTube channel although I’m not at editing yet, but I’m working on it, and I enjoy photography so can take a decent photo.

I’m going to aim to post at least once a week, although sometimes my life can get a bit chaotic but I’ll try my best to always have a post for you each week!