Day Out in Tonbridge

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to Tonbridge to meet him mum. It was my first time meeting her because she lives out in Australia so I haven’t had a chance to meet her. We had lunch at a resturant called Graze which was next to the river and had a nice lunch, before going for a wander along the river and ending up on a footpath which we followed and just chatted. After the walk we decided on sitting by the river with a coffee where we heard music coming from the castle, only to find there was an orchestra there playing, so we moved up and listened to them playing. It was honestly such an amazing day and we had really nice weather for it too. Wilfs (my boyfriend) mum had so many amazing stories to tell from Australia which I really enjoyed listening to ¬†and really made me want to go to Australia and see it all myself.

Here are some photos from Tonbridge:

Kingston Day Out

With yesterday being my last Thursday before I go back to college and won’t be able to spend them with my boyfriend for a while, we decided to make a day of it and venture out to Kingston. Although the main reason we chose Kingston was because I had an old Bentalls voucher that needed spending so what better opportunity to go buy some make up!

We didn’t get into Kingston until about two in the afternoon and upon getting a bit lost in Bentalls (we went up some stairs rather than down) we discovered a Krispy Kreme where we got some doughnuts, before finally finding the MAC & other make up stands. I knew I wanted to get a few more MAC lipsticks and brought myself Captive & Persistence (reviews coming soon dont worry) as well as buying a new foundation which my boyfriend got me which was the Laura Mercier Candleglow Soft Luminous Foundation (review coming on this too).

After dragging my boyfriend around the make up section for ages and detouring into shoes, homeware & handbags, we made it out onto the high street for some lunch. We dont usually go to Kingston unless its for a night out so it was a bit odd everything being open, but it gave us plenty to look at whilst finding some food to eat. We eventually came across a small cafe called Glutopia which turned out to be a gluten free cafe. I have some stomach problems which usually leave me with crippling stomach aches or feeling sick and tired, causing me to sleep a lot. We thought we’d give it a go and in true me style I forgot to take my tablets that I have to take before meals to reduce stomach acid, however the food didn’t affect me as bad as most other foods do. We tried one of their cupcakes, which was covered in icing with a strawberry for some nice decoration. The cake tasted really nice however it was a little bit dry but tasty all the same!

Satisfied with our food and looking around a few more shops, we decided to head back to mine to chill before I had to take my dog to dog training classes. So overall a good day!