Glitter Jars

Anxiety is a thing I have had for a few years now, and social anxiety is what gets me the most. A lot of people don’t realise this about me because I can be very loud and outgoing when I get to know people, but I often become very shy and timid, not wanting to overstep boundaries and have people hate me. I wanted to find something that could help with my anxiety at home to hopefully ease it more when I go into social situations, and I came across glitter jars. I love these and find them really helpful, especially around exam time where I’m at my most stressed, so I thought I’d share how I made mine.

Things you need:

  • A jar or bottle (I’d go for a medium size, around 500ml)
  • Glitter glue in your colour of choice
  • Clear glue (not PVA or something that dries clear, it needs to be clear when wet)
  • Glitter in your colour of choice
  • Something to stir
  • Hot water (if using a bottle warm water will probably be best to avoid the bottle melting)

To Do:

  • Boil or warm up some water, and pour it into your jar or bottle to about half way
  • Squeeze in all of your glitter glue and stir it. This can take a little while but just stir until the glitter glue breaks up
  • Add in glitter of your choice (I added a colour and some white glitter to give it more sparkle). Stir the glitter right away to stop it clumping up
  • Once you’ve added your desired amount of glitter, put in some clear glue. This slows the speed of the glitter falling so if you want the glitter to take longer to settle, add more glue
  • Fill the rest of the jar or bottle up to the top with water. Then put the lid on. If making this for a younger child, I’d suggest super gluing the lid on
  • Shake away and watch the glitter!

Here are some pictures of mine

5 Ways to Prepare For Exams

Exams are always the most stressful time of year for anyone. My course has two exams a term as well as additional essays and presentations, so it’s key that I keep on top of everything, so whilst I’m having a study break, I thought I’d write some tips on how to prepare for exams!

  1. Print out all your learning resources. I print out all of my powerpoint slides through out the term and put them in a folder, then I annotate them with revision or teacher notes, this is helpful for when I want to look back over them or use them for revision
  2. Learn your learning objectives. I personally write all mine out on a word document to print out towards exams, but its also helpful if at the end of the week, you go back over them and try to answer them in a separate word document, or use them to make some kind of revision aids
  3. Start revising early. You always get those people, who two days before the exam are all like ‘eh yeh I might revise tonight but I haven’t done any yet’. Their lying. They’ve probably been revising for a while, and honestly the sooner you start revising, the less stressful it is towards exams
  4. Set aside personal time. Its important to set a study plan and have certain times that you dedicate to studying, for example I study most afternoons for three or four hours, unless I have a whole day free, when I study for around six hours a day, taking plenty of breaks in-between. As great as this is, its also important to take time out for yourself. I give myself at least an hour a day (not including study breaks) to do something non study related, read a book, watching a film or hang out with friends
  5. Write a list of all the topics you need to cover. I find this is a really good way to keep on track of what I have to cover and actually helps me organise my study time a lot better as I can prioritise topics I don’t understand too well over ones I know a lot better. This will also allow you to organise your time better and fit in more personal time

Hope these tips help, I know they’ve helped me! I have two more exams to do and then I’ve finished my first year of university, so over the summer I should have plenty more time to update and make YouTube videos!

Let me know if these helped you or what things you do to help prepare for exams!

Hazel xoxo


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Crazy Golf and Burgers

Date nights are something that tend to cost a fair bit, especially in London, so an easy dinner and cinema date can come to £60 with no real problem. I like to treat my boyfriend when I have the money (student problems, always being skint), and today I got some money from some work I’ve been doing so I took him out for burgers at Blacks Burgers in Epsom and then went on to play Crazy Golf, which much to my boyfriends excitement, was dinosaur themed (he has a thing for whistling the Jurassic Park theme continuously).

The burgers we got were amazing, and having recently got my boyfriend to like milkshakes, he was so excited to get a biscoff milkshake (he also discovered blowing bubbles into it… I promise he’s twenty-four) and he had the most amazing looking burger. I tend to have vegetarian burgers occasionally as I find its good to change it up a bit, so I had their vegetarian burger, and after a discussion on if I should have bacon as a topping, I settled for onions and stole some of my boyfriends coleslaw to put inside it too.

Our next stop was a crazy golf place down the road from us, we had a laugh at how bad we both were, I also nearly lost a ball in the fast flowing water, then at the end, knowing it would be close on who won (we’re a competitive couple…) I said if I won he had to buy me a dinosaur egg that I saw (I mean what twenty year old doesn’t want to hatch their own dinosaur?!). We added up our points, both having done pretty badly…. and I beat him by one point! My dinosaur egg is currently hatching in a vase in the kitchen (we didn’t have anything else we could submerge it in…)



Goals for 2018

I have a few goals set for myself this year which I’m hoping and believing that I can easily achieve.

  1. Get fit again. I used to do a lot of sports, but this year a lot of that fell through due to various reasons. My aim next year is to start cycling more again and do some more races, as well as start back at karate and work towards my next belt
  2. Eat healthy. Due to my kidneys I’m supposed to have low salt foods and because of my IBS I have to avoid dairy and cheese, so this year I’m planning on nailing my eating and sticking to a low-salt, no dairy diet
  3. Learn my anatomy. Some advice from our second year students was to make sure we are pros at anatomy, so my aim this year is to nail it and know as much as I can for second year
  4. Save some money. I want to save some money as I who doesn’t. But I’m really going to work on this, setting myself a monthly budget and allowance that I can’t go over to hopefully allow me to save some
  5. Make memories. I’m planning on being a lot more social this year and making the effort to go out and see people as well as obviously travelling, I have snowboarding in Italy already booked, a holiday with my parents to somewhere near Cornwall as well as a holiday with my boyfriend that I still need to confirm dates on etc. I’m planning on taking lots of pictures and enjoying every minute of it all
  6. Finish a bullet journal. I’m going to attempt a bullet journal this year to track my studies, medical things, gym work outs and money etc to hopefully help me keep on track of everything like that, so hoping I don’t forget about it again

They are all my goals for 2018 so we will see if they work or not!

Happy New Year!! x

Copenhagen Trip

There is nothing better than a short city break, and this year my boyfriend and myself jetted off to Copenhagen in Denmark. Its easily one of the best countries I’ve been to so far.

Where we stayed was right opposite Copenhagen Central Station so travel to and from the airport wan’t a problem as there is a train there and back. We didn’t get the train much as everything was with in walking distance. We could see Tivoli gardens from our hotel room and it was a three minute walk down the road to it. We literally walked pretty much every where. There was a free shuttle bus to the Carlsberg brewery which also stopped at the Zoo, but you can also get a train just as easily if needed.

The zoo was my aim and we got the shuttle there on the second day. They had so many amazing animals, they had a polar bear who was loving doing backstroke in the water, flamingos, camels, zebras and hippos and it has to be hands down the best zoo ever. All the animals were active and doing stuff (apart from the bear who was hibernating)  but the wolves were running laps and the artic foxes were curious about us – it was all just amazing!!

Tivoli gardens was amazing, we didn’t do any rides as I cant go on them due to medical reasons but I did get a stick of candy floss bigger than my head & I fully recommend these sugar coated nuts they sell which were amazing!! I can’t remember what their called but they were like heaven. We also got a pizza where she folded it in half, grilled it and then served it and it was the best! The hot chocolate is also amazing too!

I didn’t rate Carlsberg brewery to be honest…. it was very short and we got round it in like forty minutes…. although you do get a free gift and drink token, but there was no one in the gift shop when we were there and gave up waiting for someone. Their shuttle also stops at 2.30 which we didn’t realise so we ended up getting the train back.

The little mermaid is a nice walk and originally we were going to walk through Nyhaven to the mermaid, but I had a funny turn at breakfast so we ended up getting the train there. It worked out really well though because its such a nice walk to the mermaid, and you can then follow the river back into Nyhaven and back into central Copenhagen.

One thing I would say if you go in the winter (we went in December) is to wrap warm and take thermals if you have them. I wore leggings under my jeans, a thick winter jumper, a fur lined coat (fake fur) with a hat and gloves and was fine. My boyfriend on the other hand who was lacking double leg wear was a bit colder.